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Watches with automatons, gold filigree work, and detailed enamel painting just popped up and flashed right in front of my eyes with a mere mention of this word. Jaquet Droz might appear as an ultra-traditional watch brand for you, or you might just think it is about making a watch fancier and more detailed, and that's it. But that is not all. Jaquet Droz is a lot bigger than this.I mean take a look at The Grande Seconde Moon Onyx.With the brand's famous silhouettes, and rendering which has been done in a very modern way, this watch is a revolution in the world of timepieces. A stainless steel case and an onyx dial enable Jaquet Droz to claim a bigger position than being just an ultra-traditional brand. This clearly tells that Jaquet Droz is not only a luxury watch brand. It's a lot more than that. Let's know more about it in this article.
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